Announcing the Virginia Marijuana Legalization Project

Hello fellow Virginians,

Welcome to the home of the Virginia Marijuana Legalization Project. I have created this site to help coordinate with like minded citizens of the Commonwealth to help us bring about change in our great state. Change has been sweeping across our nation for the past few years, and while I feel that legalization is inevitable, I am no longer content to sit by and wait passively for this to happen. I am creating this organization today to actively call on our elected representatives to support us in this endeavor

The Virginia state assembly will be reconvening in January, and there are already several measures on the ballot that affect drug policy in Virginia. Our aim is to mobilize Virgina’s citizens to pressure their representatives to support  bills which will allow Virginians the freedom to use Marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, and to block any legislation that will prohibit the use of marijuana or increase penalties for its possession.

I am not advocating full scale commercialization of Marijuana at this time. There are too many factors  which makes commercialization problematic, most notably the hypocrisy of allowing corporations to profit from the sale of pot after years of prohibition has ruined the lives of so many minority youths and community. We are instead looking toward the recent legislation passed in Washington DC as a model for our goals, namely the decriminalization of the possession and cultivation of marijuana for personal use.  I feel that this is a good starting point for us to aim for, with the understanding that additional measures will come later.

I hope that you will join me. We are looking for anyone that can help us, so please email if you would like to contribute.  We will need help writing articles, contacting elected officials, and driving our social and traditional media campaigns, so please contact us if you would like to help. We have less than 60 days before the upcoming General Assembly meeting convenes, so we have to act fast to make sure that we have an impact in 2015.

Thank you,
Michael Wade

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