Roanoke Marijuana Summit

Avon Colorado police chief visits Roanoke, talks about legalization of recreational marijuana

The Prevention Council of Roanoke County and Roanoke Area Youth Substance Abuse Coalition (RAYSAC), held a “Marijuana Summit” earlier this November to discuss legalized recreational marijuana. Avon Colorado Police Chief Robert Ticer was one of the keynote speakers and spoke negatively of the recent changes in Colorado.

“This is not a good thing[…] This is not a good thing for our community, this is not a good thing for our kids[…] This came about so fast in Colorado. We didn’t have an opportunity to look at it like the other 48 other states are having that opportunity right now[…]  There is crime associated with it[…] There’s impaired driving associated with it.”

Also speaking at the summit were addiction specialist Professor Warren Bickel and Professor Read Montauge, who specializes in human cognition, both from the Virginia Tech Carilon Research Institute, as well as motivational speaker Monte Stiles, who spent 28 years as a federal drug prosecutor.

The article also notes that pro-legalization supporters showed up to the event but were asked to leave.

Roanoke County Police Chief Howard Hall was also quoted: “Marijuana is a substance that impairs, so it is going to impair people’s ability to drive safely[…] When it’s commonly available like alcohol is then you’re going to see more people driving under the influence.”

We’ve reached out to RAYSAC director Kathy Sullivan for any additional information on this summit and will update you if we get a response.

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