Deja Vu: New medical marijuana bill introduced in House of Delegates

No, this is not a repeat post, this is an entirely new bill from the 36th District’s Kenneth Plum. Regular readers of this blog already know about the current medical marijuana law in Virginia, which requires a federally-prohibited prescription for the treatment of cancer and glaucoma, and is effectively null and void for all intents and purposes. Earlier this month, Del. Dave Albo introduced HB 1445 to change the prescription requirement to a ‘recommendation’, and added epilepsy to the list of allowed ailments. This new bill, HB 1605 from Del. Plum would also change the language of the bill to protect those acting with a medical recommendation, but would take the additional step of removing the restriction on allowed ailments and would open up medicinal use for virtually any ailment.

We have to say that we like this bill much better, and hope that with Virginia voters overwhelming support of medical marijuana, this bill can gain passage through the General Assembly during the new session which started today.

4 thoughts on “Deja Vu: New medical marijuana bill introduced in House of Delegates”

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  2. Ok understanding medical marijuan just one question what happen to the ones that need it but can’t afford it the card or state taxes that would sure to be impose.are they less important to Virginias?

  3. I have many ailments caused from lupus and have too many bad reactions from the drugs that are legal. need something natural

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