Bill for cannabis oil production advances in General Assembly

Virginia passed a law for the medicinal use of CBD oil for the use of epilepsy, now they have to figure out a way for people to get it legally.

 In 2015, Smith and other families successfully lobbied state legislators to allow the medicinal use of cannabis oil to help treat severe seizures caused by epilepsy that pharmaceuticals cannot cure.

Smith’s daughter Haley had 1,200 seizures before she began using cannabis oil.  Smith said Haley’s seizures have drastically decreased since last year.

Smith and Beth Collins, a mother from Northern Virginia who’s child has similar medical problems, are back at the General Assembly again this year pushing for legislation that would create and allow a regulatory process for production of cannabis oil in Virginia.  Senate bill 701 would make it easier for families with children who need cannabis oil to get it Virginia.

Bill for cannabis oil production advances in General Assembly

State Lawmakers Debate Medical Marijuana

Advocates of medical marijuana scored another small victory this week in Richmond.

A Senate committee voted to allow cancer patients to use an oil derived from the cannabis plant – a medication that can already be used, legally, in patients with epilepsy.  Studies suggest cannabidiol may help to fight breast, colon, brain, lung and other cancers while reducing the side effects of conventional chemotherapy.